What could be better than taking time out to savour a well deserved coffee and continental cake? Or surprising the family by bringing them home a taste of the Continent! Either way, Sergio’s can supply the source of your sumptuous treat. Come on in and check out our selection. You wont be sorry!

Our wide range of cakes includes, but is not limited to Fruit Flan, Nukatina, Red Velvet, Pavlova (GF), Orange and Almond (GF), Tirumisu, Blackforest, Strawberry Torte, Chocolate Torte, Chocolate Serano Torte, Cream and Jam Torte, 4 Flavour Sampler Cake, Wild Berry Cheesecake, Chocolate Cheesecake, Baked Ricotta Cheesecake, Chocolate Mousse, Traditional Continental, Nutella Torte, Chocolate Mud Cake, Marble Mud Cake, Caramel Mud Cake. 


Some further information about our cakes!

FRUIT FLAN- Layers of vanilla sponge, filled with vanilla custard, topped with fruit and finished with almond flakes.

FRUIT LOG- Millefuille Pastry, filled with vanilla custard, topped with fruit and almond flakes.

NUKATINA- Our Signature cake- With 2 layers of japonaise sponge, 1 layer of vanilla sponge, filled with vanilla custard and fruit,
finished with fresh cream, diced almond, crushed pistachio and fresh strawberries ontop.

RED VELVET - Cherry chocolate mud cake, filled with cream cheese.

PAVLOVA - Light fluffy meringue on the inside with a crisp outting topped with fresh cream ands seasonal fruit.

CHOCOLATE VEGAN FUDGE GF - Layers of chocolate fudge cake filled with a chocolate mousse.

TIRUMISU - Chocolate and Vanilla sponge infused with coffee, filled with a espresso fresh cream.

BLACKFOREST - Layers of cherry infused chocolate sponge filled with fresh cream and sour cherries.

STRAWBERRY TORTE - Vanilla sponge with strawberry fresh cream layers.

CARAMEL TORTE - Vanilla sponge filled with a caramel mousse.

CHOCOLATE TORTE - Chocolate sponge, layered with chocolate fresh cream.

CHOCOLATE SERANO TORTE - Chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate mousse.

CREAM AND JAM TORTE - Vanilla sponge, layered with fresh cream and strawberry jam.

4 FLAVOUR SAMPLER CAKE - Our 4 favourite sponge cakes all in 1, with each quarter of the cake a different flavour -
tirumisu, strawberry, caramel and chocolate serano.

WILD BERRY CHEESECAKE - Shortbread biscuit base with layered continental cheesecake ontop.

CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE - Shortbread biscuit base with layered continental cheesecake ontop.

CHOCOLATE MOUSSE - Chocolate Sponge Base with dense, traditional chocolate mousse ontop, finished with a chocolate ganashe, fresh cream and strawberry.

TRADITIONAL CONTINENTAL - Layers of vanilla and chocolate sponge, filled with vanilla custard, covered with cream and jam and almond flakes.

NUTELLA TORTE - Layers of hazelnut infused vanilla and chocolate sponge, layered with nutella and hazelnut fresh cream.

CHOCOLATE MUD CAKE - Layers of chocolate mud filled with chocolate ganashe.

MARBLE MUD CAKE - Layers of vanilla and chocolate mud cake, filled with chocolate ganashe.

CARAMEL MUD CAKE - Layers of caramel mud cake, filled with a caramel ganshe.